Step number2 – add the domains in the system (portfolio). That is, for a person who is actively involved in the business domain, namedrive – not just a service for parking, but also an opportunity to create an online portfolio of their “wealth”.
For each domain, select a category, you can add keys to change the settings for advertising, define a template parking page. In general, a lot of things – for those who will seriously deal with all of this, it is necessary to delve into all the details. For the higher the CTR, the more profit. By the way, then you can change the settings in the menu «Optimization», so if you do not know until the skip. At the very end will specify whether you want to put data domains for sale. Yes, and such an option in the NameDrive is – buy, sell, auction domains, and so on.

After making domains in the system, you’ll need to change the data for them from your registrar. Go to the appropriate socket, where the domain name you are changing the name server NS to:

Save and wait until the DNS data updated. By the way, there is still the second method – you can simply make a redirect for a domain addressимя_домена.com. As a result, we obtain similar parking page-per-click visitors you will earn a certain amount of conventional units.
As for the money – about payment I said, now about income and prospects. From all the reading I realized that I could make money on the person who has in store a lot of domains. The result is not just a niche, but a whole bunch of domain business with its subtleties, arrangements and details. Some online now operates hundreds or even thousands in determining the number of their domains – a steep investment that does not always discourage. While on the other hand, if you’re doing it seriously, sell some domains in the 10, 100 times more expensive than face value, then no one bothers to create a kind of portfolio, where part of domain parking can recoup their cost.

Therefore, the prospects for their dobavlennіh 3 domains I see very skeptical 🙂 Also, there is need to consider different nuances – design, price click for a particular topic, traffic sources. Based on this information, you can try to park your domain as a NameDrive, and other systems –, And then evaluate where to come and exhaust. Here is such an entrance excursion.

Good luck in the domain business! By the way, on a domain that wanted to sell – it (going to make it a content project for the browser, but so far there’s no time).

Domain Exposer
Easy to use website that will provide you with a very wide range of potential domains. This is a favorite tool of the author 🙂 In the beginning you enter keywords that describe your site, then choose from an existing list a group of terms (nouns, adjectives, computer, and much more). Then you can choose different characteristics to generate – the beginning of a name, the last characters, their number. Then start the service in the work and get a list of available options in the course of their display will be placed infa employment.

Domain Name Combination Checker
You choose 5 words that describe future site, enter them in a special form, after which the results are generated. The result is a list of combinations of the words with a hyphen, or without, as well as the status of domains registered or not. The site is very simple, for those who do not want to delve too much.

Good design to help you find a combination of keywords. You specify the prefix and suffix for future words, and the service will have a unique combination. The site has a small set of proposed default prefixes and suffixes, which can also be used if you can not come up with anything original themselves. After receiving the results, the names can be checked on employment – the data will appear in a new window. Combining passes fairly quickly, but the test takes a long time.

Nameboy Domain Search
Nameboy also performs a combination of words – start with 2 words, the service looks for the possible combinations. Have the option of selecting names hyphenated or rhymed. Website shows the availability of domains in real time.

Unfortunately, Nameboy go I did not succeed, though he saw about him in RuNet couple of reviews. From all the above list the first 2 service is very good, with the task of coping at the highest level. Other projects may also be useful.